Every single day we live we involve mathematics in more ways than we could have imagined, its significance cannot be makes a man methodological and systematic,  For example when someone wakes up in the morning checks the time, he  measures the amount of toothpaste to use in brushing and water to bath, calculates the time it would take to get to work, schedules what he has to do within the available 24 hours, plans and organizes his day, calculates interest on investments, makes budgets and so on. Within all these activities we can see that mathematics cannot be left out, the world would be chaotic without numbers or mathematics.
Mathematics is not only an instrument that helps make life worth living, it is even a part of nature. It might surprise you that God himself uses mathematics a lot, in the creation of the universe we can see the handwriting of mathematics, starting with our DNA, to the amount of cells in our body to the architectural design of the universe, we see that everything was perfectly organized and nothing was out of proportion. Hence be it cooking, music, nature, work, or anything, mathematics has a role to play.

It is a skill that one needs to master as it helps nurture power of reasoning, creativity, critical thinking and good communication skills, imagine a scenario of a person going into a super store without having any idea how much items are being sold nor can he relate that to the amount of money he has, how can we know the amount of calories in food items or a driver that cannot read his speedometer, definitely not a wonderful scenario right?
Generally mathematics is perceived to be difficult and boring but this is a fallacy, this preconceived perception has made people skeptical about mathematics but recently has been made enjoyable by the inclusion of mathematical activities and games that makes learning fun. In this present age of skill development and innovations, mathematics plays a huge role in the success of new innovation and technology. Hence the more mathematically inclined these innovations are the more successful it tends to become.
Finally mathematics teaches us that every problem has a solution, the process of arriving at this solution is as important as the solution itself. Without mental discipline even the smartest people can fail at life. Mathematics is crucial to brain development because as one thinks his way through a mathematical problem, we build new and stronger brain circuitry that translates into solving all of lives challenges more effectively.

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