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Social Media Has Taken the World by Storm. Will You Get Left in the Dust?

You don’t have to go far to know that social media is the buzzword du jour. In fact, it’s being hailed as the one-stop resource for making your marketing dreams come true. Sure — if you can meet with OUR consultants, or even attend “5-hours training session” from our trained Staff.
The truth is, you know how powerful and effective social media can be — you don’t need the nightly news or a best-selling book to embrace its potential. You need answers to your questions. You need a little less stress and a lot more ideas. That’s where this Seminar comes in.


The AIWT Teaching & Learning philosophy is based around a unique learning experience: Family Oriented
At AIWT we like to treat all our students as part of the AIWT family. This means that we care for our students not only when it comes to their studies but also regarding their general well-being. Our staff are trained and prepared to assist students with a range of non-academic concerns.

Work Ready
Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of in-house programs that support the development of professional skills. AIWT aims to have students ready for a diverse and changing workplace where professionalism equates to respect and integrity.

Practical Training
The link between classroom theory and workplace practical is highlighted. Students can undertake workplace placements and be better prepared to enter the workplace with real world experience. Students also have opportunities to talk with industry representatives and discuss relevant contemporary workpl…