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MSc Advanced Computer Science with Placement

  One of a range of degrees from the taught Master's Programme in the Department of Computer Science This award is targeted at those who have a good Honours degree in computer science or a very closely related discipline, and who wish to extend and deepen their knowledge in two or more different sub-discipline areas. This course will enable you to enhance your career prospects or prepare for a programme of research that requires knowledge of one or more of these sub-discipline areas. You will have a wide range of taught modules from which to choose, and will be expected to complete a major project that extends and applies what you have learnt in one or more of the taught modules they have taken. Why choose this course?  This MSc is available with an optional one-year industry placement. The 'with placement' programmes give you additional industrial experience by applying the skills you have learned throughout your studies. One of a range of advanced courses within our

BSc (Hons) Sustainable Food Production (Fresh Produce) at Writtle University College UK

  Are you concerned about the environment, food security and sustainable development? Do you want to be part of the solution for businesses operating in an increasingly uncertain world? In any trip to the supermarket you will see an exciting array of fruit and vegetables that are able to arrive in our homes through a deeply interconnected global world. This relies on production techniques and global supply chains impacted by economic and environmental factors. Every purchase decision we make has consequences for businesses, our own well-being, societies and the global environment. The food and beverages is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and relies not only on successful production systems but also on imports. The graduate job opportunities within this sector are immense and recruiters constantly seek talented graduates who understand the business of production, the much needed resilience of global food systems and consumer trends. Besides the supply of safe, affordabl

Study In Germany

Germany is one of Europe’s most economically powerful and industrialized Schengen Countries. Its capital is Berlin.Germany is a dream country for students from different countries. Studying in Germany is an ideal choice for those who wish to study for free and make a good career. The quality of education in Germany is very good. In particular, the country has gained a great reputation throughout the world for technology. That is why Germany is called “Land of Ideas or Land of Engineers“. Berlin is unlike any other city in the world - having survived the tumultuous years of World War II and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, its rich history has helped to transform it into the epicentre of business, culture, politics and tourism that it is today. With one of the largest economies in the world, a hugely successful start-up community, excellent inter-city and international travel connections, and a reasonable cost of living, it has become a hot-spot for students, entrepreneurs and